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Jennifer Adams is your hometown candidate!

A Florida native, raised in Central Florida, Jennifer is giving back to the community that helped her grow and persevere, first as a small business owner, an advocate for domestic violence survivors and a community leader, and now as a candidate for Florida’s 7th Congressional District where she will fight to ensure everyone can attain the American Dream. 

Having survived domestic abuse and the devastation it wreaks on victims and their families, Jennifer knows what it is to overcome adversity and not only survive, but thrive.

Her tenacity is not only learned, it’s inherited. Both of Jennifer’s grandfathers proudly served in the military; her mom is a former elementary school teacher; and her dad was the first scholarship-receiving football player to graduate with an architectural degree from the University of Florida.


Jennifer also has more than 15 years of experience in community engagement, legislative policymaking and conflict resolution, with a forward-thinking approach that emphasizes partnerships and collaboration to identify successful solutions to complex challenges. 


As a parent, she wants ALL children and families to have access to economic opportunity, quality education, living wage jobs, and more. 


As a neighbor, she wants us all to work together to identify better solutions, regardless of ideology or party affiliation.


Right now we are hurting, and it needs to stop. We feel the impacts of soaring home prices and rent. Groceries and basic goods and services are more expensive than ever. We’re unsure whether we’ll all have access to the same basic freedoms and rights that should be guaranteed to all Americans.


Jennifer often emphasizes to her children the importance of being a good leader and stepping up for others, and that is exactly what she is doing, rising in service for all to meet today’s unique needs. 


But she can’t do it alone.


Get in the game with a contribution today!

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